Criminal Law Basics: An Introduction To Drug Charge Defense

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Loved One Arrested? Four Legal Terms You Need To Know

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The arrest of a loved one can be a traumatic experience that you are most likely NOT prepared for. Not only will you have to experience the physical and emotional stress of them committing a crime, but you will also have to deal with the financial ramifications of these legal troubles. Properly understanding the court and bail process is smart if you want your loved one to be released from jail in the easiest manner possible. Read More»

Can You And Your Spouse Benefit From Divorce Mediation?

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Some couples sail through their divorce with nary a whimper of discontent, but those situations can be rare. When you consider the potential landmines waiting during the divorce process, it’s no wonder that things can get ugly and drag on and on. If you and your spouse don’t agree on one or more divorce issues, mediation might be right for you. Read on and find out if divorce and child custody mediation could bring your divorce to a peaceful resolution Read More»

Why You Should Plead To A Wet Reckless Charge

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Even if you’ve been charged with a DUI, this doesn’t mean that you have to accept a DUI. The courts are overburdened and will often do whatever they can to get a plea deal and bring an end to your case as soon as possible. One way in which they accomplish this is by allowing you to plea down to a wet reckless charge. How a Wet Reckless Charge Works Read More»

Surprising Cases Of Car Insurance Fraud

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Car insurance fraud is a crime just like any other kind of fraud is a crime. Fraud is defined as a wrongful deception with the intention of a financial or personal gain. Therefore, every lie you tell to your insurer with the aim of benefit from the lie may be considered fraud. Here are some forms of criminal fraud that many people don’t know about. Lying About Primary Residence Read More»

The Crime That Never Was: Solicitation

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Although the U.S. Constitution grants citizens their rights to free speech, it does come with limitations. There are cases in which you can be charged with a crime just because of your words, even if you haven’t exactly done anything else. Solicitation is a fitting example of such a crime. What It Is Solicitation is the crime of requesting, ordering, or encouraging another person to commit a crime with the intention of facilitating or getting involved in the same crime. Read More»

Here Is What Domestic Violence Really Means

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Domestic violence is one of the most heinous crimes in the eyes of the law and the society at large. In fact, few people will want to associate with you if you are viewed as a domestic violence perpetrator. Unfortunately, the crime isn’t that well understood. For example, here are two main things many people don’t know about domestic violence: It Doesn’t Have To Be Physical Many people think that domestic violence perpetrators are those who hit their spouses or kick their children. Read More»

It's Just A Little Weed: What You Need To Know About Marijuana Possession Charges

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If you’re part of the 420 crowd, you know that many states are getting much more lenient on their cannabis laws. Some of them are even legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes. However, it’s still not legal in all states, and it’s still a violation of federal laws. Unfortunately, that means that if you’re caught in the wrong place with your cannabis, you’re going to be looking at potential drug charges. Before you head out with your cannabis in your possession, here are four things you need to know. Read More»