Criminal Law Basics: An Introduction To Drug Charge Defense

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Did Your Child Get A Severe Head Injury On Playground Equipment? Get A Legal Team Fast

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If equipment broke at a local park and your child was knocked unconscious, and if it is unknown whether they are capable of a full recovery or not, you need to meet with lawyers. As soon as your child is stabilized and they are in the care of the right medical professionals, you want to discuss your legal options. You could have decades of debt ahead of you and a lifetime of struggle for your child. Read More»

Should I Turn Myself In After Committing A Crime?

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After you have had a warrant issued for your arrest, you may wonder if you should turn yourself in. One option is to wait for the authorities to arrive and arrest you. However, you may decide to turn yourself in beforehand. When to Not Turn Yourself In You do not have to turn yourself in unless there are pending charges and you have a warrant for your arrest. For example, if you committed a crime and feel guilty, but the police do not have proof that you committed the crime, they won’t have anything to hold you on and will simply not arrest you. Read More»

What Blood Alcohol Concentration Means for Your DUI

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The term blood alcohol concentration (BAC) comes up often when discussing driving under the influence (DUI) issues. You should know that this term can apply to two very different measurement methods and that the results are far from reliable. Read on to learn more. Breathalyzer Results and BAC Many people, law enforcement and judicial personnel included, use the results of the breathalyzer interchangeably with an actual blood test. The breathalyzer is a portable device used to measure the presence of alcohol in the air you breathe out. Read More»