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Why You Need An OWI Lawyer To Cover Your Back

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Celebrating with friends, family, and other people can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, people can tend to drink above the required limit for driving during such celebrations, landing them in problems with the law enforcement agencies. If you don't want to spend a considerable amount of time behind bars after an entertaining evening or day, hire an OWI lawyer. These attorneys are experienced in handling drunk driving cases and can help you get a more favorable outcome. Keep reading to learn why you want them to have your back.

Pleading Guilty

Some cases can be challenging to win, and you may have to plead to bargain in exchange for a reduced penalty. Knowing such instances without a legal professional by your side can be difficult. In fact, the prosecution may harass you over a minor charge to get you to accept a guilty verdict.

 An OWI lawyer will tell you when it's right to plead guilty. They'll examine your case to find out the details of the incident and identify any flaws in the prosecution's case that they can use as a loophole to get you off the hook. If they discover the evidence against you is so strong, they'll use their experience to present convincing arguments that will give you a reduced plea. They'll also tell you the consequences of the plea and advise you on how best to handle them.

Understanding Charges

The prosecution can bring many charges against you if you've been found driving while intoxicated. These charges could be severe if your condition made you injure others through an accident, physical assault, or sexual abuse. Depending on the number of charges against you, you can face many convictions or harsher penalties.

 An OWI attorney will explain to you all the laws regarding your case and charges, so you know what to expect. They'll also give you all the information about the possible defenses and what may happen when your case goes before the court. This can help reduce your anxiety and stress and give you more time to plan for the potential outcomes.

Investigating Arrests

Failing a breath test doesn't mean you're already a criminal; neither does it give law enforcement agencies the right to harass you. The law outlines how arrests should be made. If the officers who arrested you didn't follow these regulations, an OWI attorney can investigate where they made a mistake. They'll look into the filed reports, examine any video footage around, and interview witnesses to obtain evidence that can get your charges dismissed entirely or reduced.

Having an OWI lawyer in your corner is a great idea if you've been arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. These attorneys have years of experience handling these types of cases and know the right thing to do to get you the best outcome. Contact a local law firm—like Cohen Law Offices, LLC—to find an OWI.