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Falsely Accused Of Shoplifting? Call A Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If a retail store falsely accused you of shoplifting, you may wonder if you can do anything to clear your name and reputation. If you spent time in jail due to the charges against you, you may feel even more doubtful about your future. A criminal defense lawyer may be able to clear your name and remove the charges against you. Learn how false accusations affect people and how a lawyer may help you get through your situation below.  

Can False Accusations Harm You? 

Many people may be wrongfully accused or suspected of shoplifting and other crimes. Not only can false accusations lead to time in jail, but they can also prevent people from finding places to live and work in their communities. Some false accusations can cause tremendous mental and physical health problems for the people they affect. Mistaken identity is one of the reasons people become falsely accused in the first place.

Mistaken identity occurs when people blame you for something someone else does or says. The people in the store may have mistaken you for someone else based on your clothing, hairstyle, and accessories. For example, the real shoplifter may have the same hairstyle and style of clothing as you. The people in the store may have confused you with the other individual based on what you both wore on the day of the crime.

If you were falsely accused and need help clearing your name, call a criminal defense lawyer today.

Can a Defense Lawyer Help You?  

A criminal defense lawyer may be able to help clear your name in a court of law. To clear your name, a lawyer may request access to the store's camera footage. The cameras should record everything that occurs inside and outside the store. If the footage shows someone else shoplifting in the store, a lawyer may take your case to court.

A lawyer may also need to subpoena witnesses from the store. Witnesses, such as other customers, may be able to help clear your identity and actions on the day of the crime. The other customers may have seen or heard what was happening and be able to share their side of the story. If an attorney finds a witness who can help clear your name, they'll request a deposition from them. 

You can find the legal answers you need for your particular situation by contacting a criminal defense lawyer, such as J McCarthy Law, PLLC, today.