Criminal Law Basics: An Introduction To Drug Charge Defense

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Exactly What Is A Bona Fide Relationship?

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If you have been following the International Refugee Assistance Project that President Trump has been attempting to put into place since the beginning of his presidency, you are probably aware of the Supreme Court decision that was recently handed down. Although the high court supported allowing parts of the executive order to ban citizens from six majority Muslim countries, they did include an exemption for those who have a claim of a “ Read More»

DUI Criminal Defense: It Rests On The Ability To Forgive

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If you have made a mistake of drinking and driving and have killed someone as the result, you need a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyer can argue for a lesser charge from homicide to vehicular manslaughter or just manslaughter of a lesser degree. However, your sentencing actually relies on the ability to forgive. Here is what that means. You Know the Person You Purportedly Killed You know the person you hit, and you had a long-term relationship or friendship with this person. Read More»

Sealing A Traffic Ticket

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Many drivers are issued citations for violating traffic laws. If you have been issued a ticket, it can be helpful to know that some courts publish scanned copies of these tickets online. Since a traffic tickets contains personal information (like your name, address, driver’s license number, and even a copy of your signature), having your ticket published could be less-than-desirable. You can petition the court to seal your traffic ticket in order to prevent the public from gaining access to the information it contains. Read More»

Why You Should Consult An Attorney Before Agreeing To Be A Police Informant

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If you have been arrested on drug-related charges, the police may promise you leniency if you agree to help them get other drug suspects. Although being an informant may help you escape criminal charges and punishment, it isn’t free of complications. It may take a long time, your safety isn’t guaranteed, and your success isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, you shouldn’t agree to anything before consulting a criminal lawyer. Here are some of the things with which the lawyer may help you: Read More»

Bargaining For Your Punishment

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For those arrested, the justice system may present you with an opportunity to bargain for a reduced punishment. When many people consider the issue of plea bargains, they sometimes hold a negative viewpoint, perhaps believing that criminals are not being properly punished for breaking the law. There are some very compelling reasons for plea bargains, however, and a good understanding of how the system works could help you, especially if you stand accused of a crime. Read More»

Why You Shouldn't Miss Your DUI Hearing

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If you have a DUI trial coming up, it’s in your best interest to make your court appointment. Here are some of the consequences you may suffer if you miss the hearing:  A bench warrant will be issued in your name The first thing the court will do after learning that you have missed your court date is seek your arrest. The court will do this by issuing a bench warrant for you. Read More»

Workers' Compensation: 3 Situations That Warrant A Lawyer's Help

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If you have recently suffered an injury at work, you may be curious as to whether you need to hire an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation. The answer will vary depending on your individual situation. In many cases, you will not need an attorney. For example, if your injury is not severe and you are not having any issues with your case or your employer, a lawyer is not necessary, though it may be a good idea to speak to one. Read More»

Got A DUI And Suffer From Alcohol Abuse? An Attorney Can Help

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People often label those who struggle with alcohol abuse as careless individuals who simply like to overindulge. However, alcohol abuse is a serious medical concern that should not be ignored. If you suspect you suffer from real abuse problems and have been charged with a DUI, a DUI attorney can assist you with getting the help you need. Signs of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol abuse and overindulging are two distinct things. Understanding the difference between the two is the first step in highlighting a problem. Read More»